Tenant and Resource Support Center

This program is available to landlord referrals.

The Rental Counseling program will focus on tenant responsibilities, landlord responsibilities, renter education, eviction prevention, financial support, landlord support and housing rights. Upon completion of the workshop, a Tenant and Resource Support Center Certificate is awarded to the prospective tenant that can be presented to the referring landlord at time of a rental application.

Before You Start

To participate in the program you must first register on the PHFA Homeowner Connect Portal. The Homeowner Connect is a consumer portal where you can safely and securely upload documents and data to your Housing Counselor from the comfort of your own home computer or cell phone.

Step 1 – Sign Up for the Program

To begin the Rental Counseling program you must first signup.

Step 2 – Income Verification

Pay stubs and bank statements are needed to verify income and to determine whether you have enough monthly income to afford the rent and other living expenses. To continue, please upload your two most recent pay stubs and bank statements.

Step 3 – Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities

To understand the landlord responsibilities, tenant responsibilities, what the lease entails and more, please watch the following one hour video then complete the assessment.

Step 4 – Schedule an Appointment

Once you have completed the above steps you need to schedule an appointment to meet with a WAVE Housing Counselor.

Request your Certificate

Once you have completed the program, click the button to request your certificate. You will receive your certificate by email. Share a copy of the certificate with your potential landlord.

Thank you for completing the program!