What is the CLIFF Effect?

The “cliff effect” occurs when a household loses eligibility for public assistance programs once a family’s income surpasses the threshold set by the Federal Poverty Guidelines. In some cases, the value of a lost or reduced benefit can exceed an increase in wages.

Self Assessment and Empowerment

WAVE serves clients in a unique way. We prepare individuals and families to be successful by transforming their perspective when it comes to housing. We offer a variety of Group Workshops and Education Sessions to prevent eviction and assist individuals and families with balancing finances with housing stability. Our programming addresses CLIFF effects and provides resources and support to those facing job loss, rent increases, and rising medical bills.

While we equip our participants for long-term transformation, we provide them with immediate support and resources through WAVE and our partner organizations. We have observed the positive impact of internal transformation. This strength can often stem from spiritual empowerment. By building self-sufficiency, our participants can shift their mindset, move toward their personal goals and overcome their current outlook on poverty, trauma, and financial barriers.

Tap into your own internal strength. Learn how to strengthen life skills for self-empowerment. Complete our Life Skills Self-Evaluation Worksheet.


Whichever way our client leans we have a service available to catch them. We build the infastructure around the client. Our services provide stability through empowerment, skill set development, problem-solving, economics, and resilience.

Teamwork is at the core of our problem-solving solutions. We work with program participants to brainstorm and develop solutions to the situation at hand. Our team relies on our knowledge of the area and market to create dynamic solutions that work for both parties.

This is why we strive to create a platform of support for our clients; by providing them with the tools and resources they need to discover valuable solutions to any problems they might face.

Resolve the CLIFF Effect

Families that live in low-income housing, can receive unique life skills classes. These classes transform their mindset on housing and help many qualifying participants purchase a home with built-in equity at closing.

Our mission is to create housing and economic stability for at-risk individuals in low-income communities through personal empowerment, skill set development, problem-solving, and wealth building. Contact us to learn how we can help.