Are there income limits for those seeking WAVE’s services?

No, there are no income limits to receive WAVE services.

However, in order to participate in most of the home mortgage programs, you must be at and/or below 60% of the medium income limits in your county. You can check current median income limits here.

How can WAVE help me buy my first home?

WAVE will provide you with a home-ownership certificate once you complete your home-ownership program.  WAVE will also connect you with banks, realtors, inspectors, and title companies. 

My bank/financial institution required I complete a homebuyer education course. Does the certificate I receive from WAVE fulfill that requirement?

Yes, WAVE is a PHFA and HUD Housing Counseling Agency. All of our certificates will have a Housing Counseling ID on your certificate.

I want to avoid Eviction but I have a difficult time making my monthly rent payment. Will WAVE offer me, or my property owner, guidance to resolve this?

WAVE will act as a liaison between the owner and the tenant.  WAVE will also connect the tenant with one of WAVE’S housing counselors who will seek resources to help with any delinquent rent. 

Do any of the counseling services cost anything to the individuals receiving the service?

The only fee that will be charged to individuals is $1.00 for your credit report. 

How does Wave help me reduce debt?

WAVE provides each participant action plans and individual counseling to in order to decrease debt.

Is there a schedule of upcoming workshops?

All workshops usually take place the 1st Saturday of the month. However, we are in the process of updating our calendar for 2020 so please check back in January.

How do I register for your services or workshops?

You can call us at 412-573-9217 or go to our Facebook page and register.

Are any of your services offered virtually?

Not currently. However there are plans to add virtual sessions in 2020.

If I have trouble with any online registration what is the best way to resolve my issues?

Contact the office by phone at 412-573-9217 or send us an email at charlise@waveoflife.org.

What capacity do each of your workshops have and are there materials provided at each workshop?

We provide all materials. Our workshops have a capacity of 45 individuals per 8 hour workshop.

What is the approximate length of time for each individual counseling session and what is the frequency (weekly/monthly)?

Each counseling session lasts approximately 2 hours per week or 8 hours per month.

Will any of the services provided by WAVE impact my credit score?

No. Our credit repair software completes “Soft Pulls” which will not hurt your credit score. Additionally, WAVE counselors work with individuals to develop a plan to reduce debt.

Is your office or workshop location accessible by public transit?


Can I bring my children to the workshops?


Is there parking nearby your office or workshop location?


Is your office wheelchair accessible?